CarzSpa EWC 5 Ltr
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CarzSpa EWC 5 Ltr


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CarzSpa EWC - Engine n Wheel Cleaner Maintain coated, polished, and painted wheels with CarzSpa EWC.

Maintain coated, polished, and painted wheels withCarzSpaEWC.

Product Features:

  • Alkaline based non abrasive cleaner dissolves grease without the risk of damaging the rubbers.
  • Highly effective wheel cleaner that safely removes brake dust, oxidation, oil, dirt .
  • Unique non Hydrofluoric Acid formula makes painted wheels shine like new.
  • Spray-on; wipe off, scrubif needed.
  • Perfect for pressure washing
  • always dilute first for desired cleaning strength
  • Recommended dilution :1:3

Retains efficiency after dilution

Brand Carzspa

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