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Autofresh Portable Stainless Steel 19-Litre Pressure Sprayer Tank₹17995
ShineMate Wave Pad Waffle Finishing Foam Sponge₹640
ShineMate Glass Cutting Felt Disc Polishing Pad₹1115
Scholl Concepts No Gloss Spray Wax Sealant 500ml₹1390
DETAILMAX® PPF Coating - 30ml₹5400
Napoleon Sand Paper Waterproof Abrasive Sheets₹400
Napoleon P800 Abrasive 3” Inch Headlight Sanding Disc - Pack Of 10₹600
Napoleon P600 Abrasive 3” Inch Headlight Sanding Disc - Pack Of 10₹600
ShineMate Maroon Heavy-Cut Buffing-Polishing Foam Pad₹534
ShineMate Heavy-Cut White Flash Foam Pad (Hard)₹823
DETAILMAX® 6pc Drill Brush Set With Spindle₹1449
DETAILMAX® Pack Of 3 Scrub Ninja Interior Scrubbing Pads (5”x3”)₹449
ShineMate 6” LHR21 DA Backing Plate (Roopes)₹1150
Transformers Wall Mount Polisher Holder Rack₹1500
Autofresh Car Detailing Polishing Pad Holder Wall Mount Stand₹1850
ShineMate Round Disc Hand Pad 3” Inch Velcro Face Block₹379
ShineMate T40 Orange Medium-Cut Diamond Foam Pad₹599
ShineMate Flat-Face Orange T40 Fine-Cut Foam Polishing Pad₹590
Autofresh Car Detailing Pegboard Kit With Assorted Hook Accessories₹2990
Autofresh Tool Organizer Carry Caddy For Cleaning Products₹955
Autofresh Car Detailing Brush Holder Wall Mount Brush Organizer₹2290
Autofresh Car Detailing Spray Bottle Holder Tool Storage Rack₹1690
ShineMate 3-Inch Interface Pad₹640
Autofresh Metal Pegboard Wall Mount Car Polisher Holder₹2290
Autofresh Mini Plastic Razor Blade Scraper₹170
Autofresh Double-Edged Razor Blade Scraper₹359
DETAILMAX® Pack Of 3 Corduroy Microfiber Ceramic Coating Applicator Sponge₹225
DETAILMAX® 1 Litre Chemical Resistant Canyon Tip Spray Bottle₹799
DETAILMAX® 1 Litre Chemical Resistant Brass Tip Spray Bottle₹999
DETAILMAX® 3-in-1 Foam Sprayer 2 Litre Bottle₹1430
DETAILMAX® 25-Litre Car Wash Bucket with Wheels₹2549
DETAILMAX® 12x12cm Microfiber Suede Cloth Fabric - Pack of 10₹399
DETAILMAX®️ Pack of 5 Polishing Pads Kit with Backing Plate (Rotary)₹999
DETAILMAX®️ 350gsm Glass Cleaning Premium Microfiber LINT FREE (Pack Of 5)₹746
DETAILMAX® NXT 9H Ceramic Coating (Single Layer Application)₹4900
DETAILMAX® NXT Graphene Ceramic Coating (Single Layer Application)₹7999
DETAILMAX® NXT 10H Ceramic Coating (Single Layer Application)₹5900
DETAILMAX® Neo Clay Mitt Glove₹2476
DETAILMAX® PPF Adhesive Cleaner 1 Liter₹2290
Autofresh Lightweight Tripod Stand (without Light)₹899
DETAILMAX® Corduroy Microfiber Cloth 400gsm (40x40cm)₹1099
DETAILMAX® Edgeless Microfiber Cloth 400gsm₹949
DETAILMAX® 340gsm All Purpose Microfiber Cloth (40x40cm)₹1400
ShineMate 5-Inch Interface Pad₹940
DETAILMAX® Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Sponge with Hand-Strap₹300
Autofresh 3-Step Ladder Heavy-Duty Folding Step Ladders₹3430
Autofresh Car Glass Cleaning Wiper₹899
Autofresh High Brightness LED Working Light With Magnet Stand₹2450
DETAILMAX® Car Detailing Swabs Brushes Pack Of 20₹199
DETAILMAX® Ultra-Soft Multipurpose Interior Cleaning Brush₹199
UNI-T Coating Thickness Gauge Digital DFT Meter₹10850
Vacmaster 1500W 38L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner With Air Blower₹19000
DETAILMAX® Heavy Duty Clay Bar With Plastic Box (200gms)₹999
ShineMate T140 3" Inch Knitted Wool Cutting Pad₹460
AutoFresh 5HP 3-Phase 150 Bar High-Pressure Washer₹73120
Bosch Sander Kit - GEX 125-1 AE₹8500
Glass Cutting / Polishing Pad - Rayon₹897
ShineMate Rotary Backing Plate₹991
ShineMate EP-804K Rotary Polisher Kit₹14750
DETAILMAX® WMax Alloy Wheel Ceramic Coating (30ml Kit)₹2790
DETAILMAX® Pack of 2 Applicator Sponge Red/Black For Dressings & Wax Application₹399
Kwazar Foaming Tip for Venus Foamer - Attachment₹349
Kwazar Venus Super Pro+ Seal Kit₹749
DETAILMAX® 51x80cm Grey Waffle Weave Drying Microfiber Towel₹399
Gtechniq Ceramic GWash Car Shampoo 500ml-Super Concentrated₹2250
Vacmaster 3-In-1 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 30L With Extraction Nozzle₹28950
DETAILMAX® 1200 GSM Ultra Thick Microfiber Drying Towel 50 x 70cm₹2160
Autofresh Detailing Tool Cart Trolley On Wheels-3 Shelves₹6450
Autofresh Hurricane Car Cleaning Gun₹3492
DETAILMAX® Dressing Brush Synthetic Bristles Set of 5₹660
6" Sanding Discs (8x3000 Grit) With Free Mouse Hand Sanding Block₹1398
Autofresh Steam Machine₹128000
DETAILMAX® Horse Hair Extreme Soft Cleaning Brush-Set Of 2₹850
DETAILMAX® Wheel & Spoke Cleaning Wooden Handle Brush₹390
ShineMate MPK-3 Mini Polisher Kit₹5999
ShineMate EX620 / 6" Inch / 21mm Dual Action Polisher₹19234
ShineMate EX620 / 5" Inch / 15mm Dual Action Polisher₹18644
ShineMate EX610 / 5" Inch / 15mm Dual Action Polisher₹14632
ShineMate EX610 / 6" Inch / 21mm Dual Action Polisher₹14868
ShineMate EX605 / 5" Inch / 12mm DA Polisher₹13998
ShineMate EX603 / 3" Inch / 12mm Mini DA Polisher₹12980
ShineMate EP-820 Rotary Polisher₹13998
ShineMate EB210 Cordless Polisher Box Kit - Multi Functional Polishing Machine₹26550
ShineMate Backing Plate For DA / Orbital Polisher₹999
ShineMate T140 Knitted Wool Cutting Pad₹599
ShineMate T130 High Nap Wool Cutting Pad₹550
ShineMate T120 Heavy Cut Foam Pad - Green₹590
ShineMate T120 Heavy Cut Pad - Diamond Green₹640
ShineMate T60 Medium Cut Foam Pad - Blue₹490
ShineMate T60 Medium Cut Pad - Diamond Blue₹599
Starcke Masking Tape 24mm X 30m (Pack Of 6)₹299
Scholl Concepts E3000 Fine Cut -1 Litre₹13396
Scholl Concepts E All in One Cut and Shine 1 Litre₹13558
Scholl Concepts Polishing Pad 165/25mm White₹2300
Scholl Concepts ECO Polishing Pad 145/25mm White-5.7inch₹2030
Scholl Concepts Polishing Pad 165/25 mm Orange₹2300
Scholl Concepts ECO Polishing Pad 145/25 mm Orange₹1890
Scholl Concepts E2000 Medium Cut Compound 1 Litre₹13392
Scholl Concepts E1500 Heavy Cut Compound 1 Litre₹13680
Scholl Concepts 3-in-1 Backing Disc M14 76-150mm (Rotary Polisher)₹2950
Natural Wool Cutting Pad For Random & Rotary Polisher₹460
Pack of 2 - NINJA Blue Finishing Pad 140mm (5.5" Inch)₹1999
Scholl Concepts S Spider Pad 90/20 mm Navy-blue (Rotary & DA)₹1530
Scholl Concepts L Spider Pad 170/25 mm Navy-blue (Rotary & DA )₹4850
Scholl Concepts M Spider Pad 145/25mm Navy-blue (Rotary & DA Pad)₹4450
90mm (3.5" Inch) Waffle Finishing Pad Black₹450
170mm (6.7" Inch) Finishing Waffle Pad Black₹1200
145mm (5.7") Waffle Finishing Pad Black₹1100
Pack of 2 - NINJA Red Cutting Pad 140mm (5.5" Inch)₹1999
Scholl Concepts W6 Black Coat Wax - 500ml₹1999
Scholl Concepts S40 Anti Swirl Compound 1 Litre₹13300
Scholl Concepts S30+ Premium Swirl Remover 1 KG₹13300
Scholl Concepts S20 Black Real 1-Step Compound 1KG₹14998
Scholl Concepts S3 Gold XXL Extra Heavy Cut Compound 1Kg₹14000
Scholl Concepts S2 Black Extra Heavy Cut Compound 500Gm₹10956
Super Saver ECOFIX Combo-Scholl Concepts E1500 + E3000 + ECO Pad 145/25 Orange, 145/25 White₹5800
Super Saver Deep Gloss Combo -Scholl Concepts E3000 + ECO Orange Polishing Pad 145/25mm₹2650
Super Saver Heavy Cut Combo - Scholl Concepts E1500 + ECO White Polishing Pad 145/25mm₹3099
Super Saver Heavy Cut Combo -Scholl Concepts E1500 + ECO White Polishing Pad 165/25mm₹3220
Gtechniq Coating Prep Panel Wipe V2₹1770
Autofresh Polishing Pad Stand - Matt Black₹2950
PPF Application Squeeze (Pink) - Set Of 5₹1450
DETAILMAX® Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush₹440
Headlight 3" Sanding Disc Velcro-Based (10 Pcs)₹699
Headlight 3" Sanding Disc - P500 (10pcs)₹600
DETAILMAX® Nylon Bristles Brush For Cleaning Int/Ext -Set of 5₹475
DETAILMAX® Lug Nut Cleaning Brush₹395
MX Extension Cord Power Expandable 5 Meter Long Cable₹1259
MX Extension Drum with 10mt Cable (3 socket)₹4599
Menzerna Metal Polish 75gm₹260
Menzerna 400 Heavy Cut Compound - 1kg₹2749
Menzerna 3 in 1 One Step Polish - 1 Litre₹3298
Menzerna 3800 Super Finish Plus Compound - 1 Litre₹3350
Menzerna 3500 Super Finish Compound - 1 Litre₹3399
Menzerna 3000 Final Finish Compound - 1 Litre₹1749
Menzerna 300 Super Heavy Cut Compound - 1 Kg₹2899
Menzerna Medium Cut Foam Pad - Yellow₹6040
Menzerna Heavy Cut Foam Pad - Red₹6040
Menzerna Soft Cut Foam Pad - Green₹6040
Menzerna Wax Foam Pad - Blue₹6040
Menzerna 1000 Heavy Cut Compound₹1049
Matador Sanding Paper Sheet - Set of 10₹844
Autofresh Light Stand with LED Light₹3950
Autofresh Light Stand without Light₹1299
Kovax 3" Inch - Dry Sanding Disc 1500 Grit 10 Pcs₹600
Autofresh Interface Pads₹590
DETAILMAX® Graphene 10H Ceramic Coating₹6999
DETAILMAX® GMAXv2 Glass & Windshield Ceramic Coating (15ml Kit)₹1180
DETAILMAX® Glass Cleaning Microfiber 320 GSM LINT Free Pack of 10₹746
Gtechniq G4 Nanotech Glass Polish 100ml₹1850
Starcke Velcro Sanding Disc Grit 3000₹2700
Starcke Velcro Sanding Disc Grit 2000₹2700
Starcke Velcro Sanding Disc Grit 1500₹2700
DETAILMAX® Foam Fine Polishing DA Pad [Yellow]₹499
DETAILMAX® Wool Cutting Pad High Nap₹799
DETAILMAX® Set of 3 Wool Woolies Wheel Cleaning Brush₹2425
DETAILMAX® Chenille Wash Mitt Hand Gloves₹175
DETAILMAX® 600gsm Big Microfiber Drying Towel (60X80cm Black)₹1350
DETAILMAX® XTREME Tyre & Trim Dressing₹2280
DETAILMAX® TRIM MAX Plastic Rubber Vinyl Coating 30ml₹1900
DETAILMAX® XTREME Ceramic Trim Restore & Coat₹4699
DETAILMAX® Tar Remover₹2920
DETAILMAX® Wool Pad Short Nap Knitted₹599
DETAILMAX® 500ml Spray Bottle Red / White₹598
DETAILMAX® 6.5" Face Rotary Heavy Cut Foam Pad [Purple]₹799
DETAILMAX® 1000ml Prewipe V2 Precoat Cleaner₹944
Autofresh Underbody Lance With 4 Nozzle Washer With Quick Coupler₹4499
DETAILMAX® 6.5" Face - Rotary Medium Cut Foam Pad [Orange]₹799
DETAILMAX® Fabric / Leather Cleaning Brush - Small₹340
ShineMate Mouse Shaped Hook and Loop Hand Sanding Block₹499
DETAILMAX® LEATHER MAX Ceramic Coating 30ml₹2050
DETAILMAX® Hard Water Scale Remover For Glass 1 Litre₹999
DETAILMAX® XTREME Foam & Gloss Car Wash Shampoo₹1301
DETAILMAX® Hi-Gloss Car Shampoo-Super Concentrated₹2280
DETAILMAX® Spray Bottle 700ml - Chemical Resistant₹990
DETAILMAX® 380gsm Edgeless Dual Pile Microfiber Cloth 40x40 cm Pack of 5 - White₹496
DETAILMAX® Engine Cleaner / Degreaser₹1571
DETAILMAX® XTREME Ceramic Tyre Dressing₹4999
DETAILMAX® Ceramic Spray Coating 500ml₹1499
DETAILMAX® Multipurpose Cleaning Brush - Blue/Black₹225
DETAILMAX® XTREME Blue Dressing₹5068
DETAILMAX® Coarse Foam DA Pad - Blue₹340
DETAILMAX® 2 in 1 Car AC Vent Cleaning Brush₹215
DETAILMAX® 500gsm Double Side Grey Plush Microfiber Cloth 40x100cm (Black Edge)₹799
DETAILMAX® Wax|Sealant|Dressing Applicator Sponge Round Shape-Pack of 4₹399
DETAILMAX® Soft Black Applicator Sponge with Easy Grip Multipurpose Use₹310
DETAILMAX® Ceramic Coating Applicator Block With Suede Face (2Pc)₹269
DETAILMAX® Cleaners And Dressers Sample Kit₹350
DETAILMAX® IPA Cleaner Prewipe Lite 500ml₹543
DETAILMAX® Honeycomb Roof & Interior Cleaning Mitt₹499
DETAILMAX® 1000gsm Double Side Microfiber Cloth (38 x 45cm)₹550
DETAILMAX® Chrome and Metal Polish 150ml₹450
DETAILMAX® Long Wooden Handle Cleaning Brush for Engine and Alloys₹390
DETAILMAX® Lambswool Car Wash Mitt Glove -Super Soft₹350
DETAILMAX® Iron Remover 500ml₹950
DETAILMAX® Graphene Paste Wax 225gm₹1950
DETAILMAX® Clay Towel 12"x 12" (Blue)₹2699
DETAILMAX® Synthetic Chamois Drying Cloth (50x50cm)₹550
DETAILMAX® Multifunctional Tyre, Wheel, Carpet Cleaning Brush₹330
CarzSpa Car Duster DUSTRAG₹730
Carzspa Fluffy Microfiber Cloth 400gsm₹382
Autofresh Detailing Roller Creeper Seat₹4484
Autofresh 24mm x 50m Color Masking Tape (Pack of 4)₹649
DETAILMAX® Clay Mitt Glove-Heavy Grade₹1590
Gtechniq C6 Matte Dash Dressing 100ml (Anti Bacterial)₹1090
Buff & Shine URO-TEC 5" Yellow Polishing Foam Pad For DA / Rotary Polisher₹460
Buff & Shine URO-TEC 2" Yellow Polishing Foam Pad₹299
Autofresh Air Foam Gun With Attachments₹3150
Gtechniq AP2 Ultra Soft Foam Microfiber Applicator 1Pc₹195
Gtechniq AP1 Coating Applicator Pad 10 Units₹99
Autofresh Air Blow Gun To Be Fitted With Compressor₹1250
Autofresh Glass Polishing Powder 250gm₹3570
Autofresh Polishing Cone Shape Coarse Pad₹495
Autofresh Hanging Stand for Polishing Machine - Matte Black₹1699
Autofresh Ozone Purifier/Generator₹18999
Autofresh 2 Step Ladder₹2699
Autofresh Gloss Meter For Paint₹15500
Autofresh Extension Spindle Rod M14₹699
Autofresh Extension Adapter - M14 Rotary / Drill Machine₹699
Autofresh 1" Backing plate For Rotary Polisher (M14)₹499
Air Compressor Triple Motor n Pump₹43999
Rupes DA Fine Polish Foam Pad 50/65mm (Yellow)₹299
DETAILMAX® Tyre and Wheel Brush Short Handle - Red₹699
3" Sanding Discs (10x1500 Grit + 10x2000 Grit) With Free Round Hand Sanding Block₹1398
Headlight 3" Sanding Disc Velcro based Grit P800 (10pc)₹600
Autofresh Digital Paint Magnifier₹4950
DETAILMAX® 3" Round Hook and Loop Hand Sanding Block₹379
DETAILMAX® Tyre/Fabric Cleaning Brush Black/Grey₹250
DETAILMAX® Fender Well Brush Long Handle-Red₹799
DETAILMAX® Alloy Wheel & Spoke Cleaning Brush-Red/Black₹599
Autofresh Water Wiper (Steel)₹359
DETAILMAX® 9H New Edition GOLD Combo₹6000
DETAILMAX® 9H Hot & Humid GOLD Combo₹6000
DETAILMAX® 10H Ultramaxx GOLD Combo₹5250
DETAILMAX® Door Edge PPF (Paint Protection Film)₹2275
DETAILMAX® XTREME Alloy Wheel Cleaner Concentrated₹1680
DETAILMAX® ZMAX V2 Ceramic Coating₹1599
DETAILMAX® 9H New Edition Ceramic Coating₹3400
DETAILMAX® 9H Hot and Humid Ceramic Coating₹4599
DETAILMAX® 10H Ultramaxx Ceramic Coating₹6600
DETAILMAX® FAB MAX Fabric Coating₹3500
DETAILMAX® Eco-Matte Dressing₹1499
DETAILMAX® Leather Conditioner 150ml₹649
DETAILMAX® XTREME Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner₹2280
DETAILMAX® Dry Foam All Purpose Cleaners₹1390
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