BigFoot system Advantage

BigFoot system Advantage

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Fastest Machine Operations Upto 40% Time Saving

The Rupes Big Foot polisher is an amazing tool that enables you to obtain excellent results in no time. LESS steps, LESS time, LESS CHEMICAL consumption and MORE profits


By definition, holograms are the marks produced by traditional polishers. The new random orbital polishers do not produce holograms, swirls, buffer trails and enable you to achieve excellent results even in one step only.


Means open cell pads.  These open foam cells have “holes” in their walls so while polishing air circulate and  release from holes  hence the surface does not get over heated, eliminate the risk of“burning” the clear coat.


Polyurethane backup pad designed by RUPES itself contains specifically designed holes on the surface that make way for groves and tunnels that are inside the backing plate. The heat that does not escape through the side walls of the pads gets sucked out through these inbuilt tunnels via the surface holes.Thus totally eliminating the possibility of overheating.


Polishing has always been considered an operation that requires experience and skill. Inexperience may in fact result in surfaces being damaged and in the exposure of edges and sharp corners. RUPES has eliminated these risks with its new random orbital polisher that enables even less experienced operators to achieve professional results in less time.


The RUPES R&D and design department have paid Particular attention to the design and ergonomics of the bigfoot polisher. The perfect balanced machine body, the practical hand-grip, the silent operation and minimum vibration are just some of the characteristics that help makes BigFoot the most versatile polishing system.


RUPES has resolved the issue, the detailers were facing today using traditional polisher, as this Polisher required certain level of skill, experience & muscle power of the operator to operate the machine, which makes them very hard to operate and achieve the required result.

RUPES is so easy to use that absolutely anyone can achieve professional result in just 1 hr of training. Which not only saves time and eliminated prolonged training cost but also eliminate the issue of finding skill experience operator.

So now a business owner can also learn to operate the machine and also train there employee. So no more need to search for skill operator anymore. 


The operator always target to achieve two results: gloss and color depth. In designing its polishers, RUPES has taken these requirements into account to allow operators to achieve unique and extraordinary results.


RUPES polishers stand out because of their control and easiness of use. Very Light weight machine while operating. Takes most of the labor out of the process, the machine does the work, all you do is to hold it no pressure is required HENCE LESS FATIGUE.


The new RUPES random orbital polishers enable to use the whole surface of the buffer. Because these types of machines oscillate randomly covering instead of rotate on 1axis, they will not produce buffer swirls or holograms into your finish as long as you use the appropriate chemicals, buffing pads and bonnets. 

Simple Steps to use Rupes Bigfoot System

  • Apply No Pressure on the machine:

Please do not apply pressure with your hand as the machine is design to balance itself and any additional pressure will cause it to vibrate and it leads to pad and machine wear & tear.

  • Handling Properly & balancing the pad:

Always make sure the pad is flat on the surface. Support the machine with one hand and use your other hand to direct it.

  • Always use Rupes Pads with Rupes Machine:

Rupes has design there polisher in such a way that it also counts the weight of the pad to balances itself. So if the polisher is used with another pad which might weight slightly more or less than Rupes, this can lead to reduction in performance and can further affect the technical and mechanical characteristics of the tool, changing its balance & increasing vibration.

  • Start & Stop machine on panel itself.

Rupes has designed machine from detailer’s point of view, So they have enriched the bigfoot machine with a soft start & stop features. This makes its operation easy. Even the machine is balanced in such a way that allows you to end polishing on panel itself.

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