Best Car Interior Cleaning Products

Best Car Interior Cleaning Products

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Areon Car Perfumes is simply outstanding and very best addition to the interior of every modern car.

Manufacturers are paying more attention to the car’s interior because car interior are as important as exteriors. But most of the people pay less attention to the cleaning of interior and spend their time in the cleaning of the exterior. They only take care of exterior, spend a lot of money for it and neglect the cleaning of the interior but when it comes to take care of interior it is important to choose the right car care products for interior cleaning.

Car Dashboard, seats, trim and carpets are the 4 key areas which require the most frequent treatment. Let’s talk about best car interior cleaning products which are suggested by Autofresh experts.

Dashboard & Trim Cleaner

There are different types of cleaner available for cleaning of dashboard and trim.
Find the right product from Glossy or matt. Choose the product accordingly which cleans as well as protect and gives the best finish. If you don’t love glossy you can go for matt finishing car detailing products.

From the last few years, Meguiar's - Quick Detailer is the most selling and favorite product of customers as well as AutoFresh experts.

3M Car Care dashboard dresser is also on that list. It is best to protect surfaces from UV Ray and fading. It will properly restore gloss to plastic.

The longer you leave the product on the dashboard or trim the more finish you will get after buffing process. If you leave it for short period you will get the glossy finishing and if you want matt type finishing to leave it for several minutes. It will protect the dashboard from UV rays and it has cleaning properties which will enhance the look of your dashboard. It removes the oxidation and adds a durable layer of protection.

Seat Cleaning

Seats are of two types Leather and cloth. Choose the seat cleaners according to the type. There are various types of leather seat covers available in the market. Let’s discuss how to clean the seat covers with best products.

Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is one of the most popular product and used by experts for leather cleaning. It will spray new life into the seat cover. It restores, protects and enhances leather. This leather cleaner is pH balanced. So it will help to maintain the true color of the leather seat cover. It is enriched with aloe & Vitamin E which will help to keep leather soft and protected. What makes it best among all is the ease of use, durability, protection.

Carpet cleaning

It is quite an easy task compared to the seat cleaning and dashboard cleaning. You don’t need to spend for carpet cleaning separately; products for cloth seat cleaning are also effective for cleaning of carpet. Use Mothers - Carpet & Upholstery Brush for cleaning the carpet and fabric upholstery surfaces. The scratch-free and non-slip grip of the Mother carpet & upholstery brush will help you to keep the interior clean by cleaning the debris and dirt.

Another thing which is needed in interior cleaning is a Vacuum cleaner. Pro Vac N Blo 4hp professional Vacuum Cleaner is mostly used by professionals because it gives 4.0 peak horsepower and dual functions in a wall mount unit. It is chosen by experts because of its extra-long and flexible hose which is of 24ft so you can easily work in each corner of large vehicles for drying and vacuuming.

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