The 19-litre stainless steel sprayer tank by Autofresh uses pressurized air to quickly and efficiently disperse car wash shampoo, wheel cleaners, degreasers, and more.

Unlike cheap plastic bottles and pump sprayers, the stainless steel pressure tank sprayer lasts a long time and doesn’t rust.

This water tank sprayer can store up to 19 litres of solution in its stainless steel tank and you can reach up to 20 feet using its long hose. In addition, it’s curly and flexible, so you can easily use it to clean cars or reach a ladder without any problem.

When you want to pressurize it fast, use an air compressor. This stainless steel tank sprayer can handle pressures up to 60 PSI with any regular air compressor. And if it gets too much pressure, a safety valve inside will let it out for you.

You can change how the spray comes out. The spray nozzle has a tip you can adjust to make a wider or narrower spray. You can switch it between a strong stream and a mist. Just pick the setting that works best for your car detailing.

This sprayer works well with lots of different cleaning liquids. It is perfect for putting on soap, dressings, bug remover, glass cleaner, tar remover, and cleaners. You can easily clean the difficult-to-reach areas like engines, tyres, wheel wells, door edges, windows, and more with it.


Pressure build-upPressure using compressor
Tank materialStainless steel
TypePump-up sprayer with hose
HoseCoiled and 20 feet in length
NozzleStrainer and adjustable pattern
TriggerViton sealed
Max PSI60
Max solution input15-Litre
Size62*20 CM

Installation process:

  • Pull the pressure relief valve to vent the air pressure
  • Break off the spray can sealing cap to lock the puller
  • Loosen the sealing cap latch completely
  • Remove the sealing cap and take out the spray hose from the barrel
  • Fill with the appropriate amount of water (not exceeding 15 litres)
  • Unscrew the air nozzle cover and add air pressure (not more than 60 PSI)
  • Lift the nozzle connector cap upwards
  • Align and press down hard to install successfully


  • Filling air pressure not more than 60 PSI, the higher the pressure, the better the atomization effect
  • The outlet hose is in the bucket, open the lid to take it out.
  • Press the switch and push forward to lock the water out
  • The water pattern can be switched by rotating the nozzle


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