Autofresh Pad Cleaning Brush
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Autofresh Pad Cleaning Brush


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Autofresh Pad Cleaning Brush makes it easy to clean and condition any foam, microfiber, buffing and polishing pad. While polishing with a machine, pads fill up with spent polish, removed paint residue, and any leftover contamination stuck on the surface. This residue clogs up foam pores, holds down microfiber threads and reduces polishing effectiveness enough to ruin any job. Clean polish and paint residue from any type of buffing pad with the Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush. Cleaning out residue restores full cutting capability for faster and more effective polishing. The Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush is extremely versatile and easy-to-use for all detailing professionals and enthusiasts. It made with Heavy duty Fiber and very firm handy grip. Take the polishing pad off the machine, and scrub it under warm running water with the Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush. More advanced detailing professionals turn their machine over and simply push the Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush across the spinning pad for maximum cleaning power. Clean pads perform better, last longer, and save time when polishing any vehicle. Spend less time cleaning pads, less money on replacement pads, and more time polishing any vehicle to perfection with the Autofresh Pad Cleaning Brush.

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