Autofresh Detailer's Roller Seat
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Sale Autofresh Detailer's Roller Seat

Autofresh Detailer's Roller Seat

Brand: Autofresh

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Make your detailing life a little easier!

Detailers Rolling Seat is a specially designed stool that brings a little comfort to your everyday detailing tasks. A cushioned and adjustable seat makes everything from wheel cleaning, to polishing on lower panels that much easier. The bottom plate is perfect for storing your detailing supplies while you work and the wheels allow you to scoot around with ease. Detailers Rolling Seat brings you all the comfort of a high-end specialty cart without the price tag!

Weve all been there youre right in the middle of an hours-long detail and you know you just cant do one more minute of kneeling or bending, but its time to do the lower panels. So you sit. But then you have to get right back up and move down a few inches, and you end up doing that all around the car and before you know it youve gone up and down more than if you had just bent down in the first place! Not only is this killer on your back and knees, but you waste more time re-positioning yourself than actually detailing. Enter the Detailers Rolling Seat.Use the Detailer's Rolling Seat at its highest for quick detailing or polishing.

When at it's highest, the Detailer's Rolling Seat is the perfect height for polishing paint or quick detailing.And use it at its lowest for perfect access to your wheels.When at its lowest, the Detailer's Rolling Creepster gives you the best angle for cleaning and dressing wheels and tires

Designed for versatility and comfortability, the Detailers Rolling Seat virtually eliminates the above situation. After working on the top section of your vehicle, break out the Detailers Rolling Seat to help you with the lower section.

Detailers Rolling Seat will be with you for the long haul. Detailers Rolling Seat uses 4 wheel casters for stability and to prevent the stool from tipping over. The bottom plate conveniently carries all of your detailing bottles and tools, allowing for more productivity.

Brand Autofresh

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