Autofresh All Purpose Microfiber Cloth (Pack of 6)
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Autofresh All Purpose Microfiber Cloth (Pack of 6)


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Supreme:40cmx40cm,Quality:280gsm,Weight:55gm,PackSize:06 units (Multiple Colour Available)

Hard Weave Autofresh All Purpose Microfibre cloth is special for Body/Hub/Spoke or Exterior of the car. Multipurpose Microfiberis mainly used for cleaning/wiping heavily soiled area, like hubs and spokes of wheels, Engine area and muddy painted surface. Useful to save water by using it with mild shampoo/cleaner, the very closed weave pattern gives a long lasting life to towel for all purpose cleaning.Absorbs up to Seven Times it's Weight

For the interior, it also helps clean the dashboard, doors, console, seats, glass, steering wheel, trim and much more.

Micro fiber towels are superior to cotton towels because they are super absorbent, lint-free and pick up more dirt from the surface you are cleaning.microfibrespeciality.jpg

Key Benefits of All Purpose Microfibre:

  1. Traps More Dirt and Dust
  2. Used Wet or Dry
  3. Absorbs up to Seven Times it's Weight
  4. Non-Abrasive
  5. Lint Free
  6. Weight: 65g
  7. Perfect for Any Surface
  8. Non-Electrostatic
  9. Easy Maintenance
  10. Cleans with & without the use of Chemicals
  11. Environmentally Friendly

Note: Colour may vary.


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