AutoFresh 5HP 3-Phase 150 Bar High-Pressure Washer

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Elevate your car cleaning and car detailing experience with the AutoFresh 150-bar high-pressure washer.

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AutoFresh 150 Bar High-Pressure Washer

Features and specifications:

  • Model: SW15.25
  • Pressure: 150 Bar
  • LPM: 15
  • Motor: 5 HP, 3 Phase, 1440 RPM
  • Special guarded hose length: 10 Meters
  • Suction hose with glass dual filter
  • Italy make high-pressure gun
  • 3 Nozzles


  • This pressure washer is supplied with foam canon.

Product Description:

Elevate your car cleaning and car detailing experience with the AutoFresh 150-bar high-pressure washer. This electric pressure washer shines as a symbol of excellence and exceptional performance, catering to a wide array of needs ranging from car washers to car detailers for commercial and industrial applications.

Unleash the power of 150 Bar pressure and a remarkable 15 litres per minute (LPM) water flow, all driven by a robust 5 HP motor operating on a 3-phase, 1440 RPM system. This heavy-duty pressure washer effortlessly tackles the toughest grime and dirt, ensuring the car surface shines as good as new.

Designed for convenience and safety, the AutoFresh high-pressure washer comes equipped with a 10-meter special guarded hose, granting you the flexibility to reach distant spots without compromising on protection. The inclusion of a suction hose paired with a glass dual filter underlines its dedication to maintaining a clean water supply, prolonging the life of the machine and enhancing its efficiency.

Crafted in Italy, the high-pressure gun adds a touch of sophistication to this powerful machine. Its ergonomic design guarantees comfortable use, allowing you to harness the water pressure washer‘s might without strain. Complementing this is a trio of versatile nozzles, each optimized to handle different pressure cleaning tasks from stubborn grime to gentle rinsing.

Whether you are a professional in need of an industrial pressure washer or just a car washer seeking the best pressure washer for your cleaning needs, the AutoFresh high-pressure washer caters to all. Its portability and heavy-duty construction make it equally suitable for professional car detailing commercial and industrial usage, transforming tedious cleaning tasks into efficient endeavours.

Invest in the high-pressure washer and experience the convenience of a high-powered cleaning tool that delivers remarkable results. Its combination of superior pressure, water flow, and thoughtful features makes it a must-have for any car detailer who is seeking a reliable, efficient, and thorough cleaning solution.

Product Warranty:

  • 1 Year

Pump Installation Guidelines:

  • Ensure the voltage meets requirements: 220-240 volts A/C for single phase, 420-440 volts for three phase.
  • Verify KW specifications: 2HP – 1.8KW, 3HP – 2.3KW, 4HP – 3KW, 5HP – 3.8KW. Arrange for proper earthing at the service station.
  • Before installation, check and maintain pump oil regularly, with monthly inspections and changes as needed.
  • Replace the oil cap when necessary.
  • Utilize only 68 No. GRADE oil, specifically from Sarvo Company. Options include SW20W40 or SEMI 15W30 hydraulic oil.
  • Never operate the pump without water.
  • Clean the water filter weekly to prevent particle/algae build-up or issues with high TDS levels (more than 800 TDS). Consider using a softener for optimal performance and to prevent clogging.
  • Monitor valve and filter conditions if pump pressure is abnormal.
  • Avoid running the pump if there is any gun leakage.
  • Do not operate the pump if oil and water have mixed.
  • If the pump is not generating sufficient pressure, inspect the in-line (suction pipe).
  • Before starting the pump, remove the gun nozzle and let the pump run for 20 seconds daily to drain excess water, thus prolonging the pump’s lifespan.
  • If there is an underground water tank, ensure pipes do not exceed 9 feet in length.
  • For pumps installed above water tanks, position the valve 2 feet above the tank and open it only ¼. Install an RO jumbo filter to protect the water seal and prevent pump damage, even if the company’s filter is already in place.

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