Ozone Purifier/Generator
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Ozone Purifier/Generator

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An Autofresh Ozone Purifier/Generator is a MUST for any type of automobile dealership,car detailer or repair shop.Ozone Generators helps rid cars of smoke, mold, and other odors.Used vehicles are much harder to sell if they contain smoke, mold or other foul odors.Ozone generators pay for themselves since cleansmelling vehiclescan be sold faster and for more money.

If a vehicle has a strong odor such as a musty mold type of odor, or an odor of state cigarettes the best way to remove that odor is to blast the vehicle with a high Ozone shock treatment.The way to do this is to place a high powered ozone generator in the vehicle and run it until the odor is removed, units have special countdown timers this to make this easy to do.Many times this takes as little as 10 minutes.Sometimes vehicles have more stubborn odors and longer treatments are required.There is no reason to overdo it as ozone is very strong and can get the job done fast which is perfect for car dealers.

One of the most powerful and effective eliminators of smoke odors is ozone.Ozone Generator machines utilize ozone to destroy tobacco smoke and its inherent impurities plus odors from pets, cooking, mold, mildew and other household sources.Elimination of these hazards provides a much healthier atmosphereand a more comfortable driving environment.

Uses For Autofresh Ozone Purifier/Generator

Cigarette & Cigar Smoke Elimination...

NOTHINGdrives customers out of your restaurant, bar, or pool hallFASTER than a room full of CIGARETTE &CIGAR SMOKE!!! Ozone Generators work better than any smoke remover, ionizer or air filter for the removal of smoke and smoke ador.

Mold Control & Removal....

Mold is a major problem in today's airtight environments.

Medical studies have found that mold & mildew are the #1 causes of allergic symptoms.
Stachybotrys Chartarum (atra) is a greenish-black fungus found worldwide that colonizes
particularly well in high-cellulose material, such as straw, hay, wet leaves, dry wall, carpet, wall
paper, fiber-board, ceiling tiles, thermal insulation, etc. The fungus (mold), before drying, is wet and slightly slimy to touch.
Breathing in even dried molds of this kind can causes respiratory problems.
Use of anozone generator you can help eliminate and retard mold growth in your home. It is a proven fact that ozone KILLS mold

Vehicle Restorations...

Automobiles, vans, trucks, busses canbe effectively deodorized & disinfected with ozone. Ozone has proven itself invaluable for used auto sales and restorations. Odors in vehicles can be very strong and persistent. With simple ozone shock treatments vehicles can be made to smell fresh. A fresher smelling vehicle will always sell faster and for more money after an ozone treatment.

Controlling Pet and Animal odors...

Pet urinal odors are very difficult to control. In residential homes, veterinary offices and kennelsOzone Generatorscan treat odor holding surfaces and make the presence of animals hardly noticeable. The use of high ozone "shock treatments" helps remove foul pet odors. Disinfecting pet areas of molds, and bacteria is beneficial for pets and their owners alike.


  • Odours found in automobiles, cars, vans, and SUV's can be easily taken care of with an ozone generator. Ozone Generators helps rid cars of smoke, mold, and other odours. The higher the ozone output the better, since ozone naturally decays back into oxygen very quickly. First clean and vacuum the vehicle thoroughly. Ensure that the inside of the vehicle is completely dry prior to the ozone application. Place ozone generator in automobile and operate at full power and set the timer. Run the generator from 5 minutes to10mts try to use only as much ozone is as required to do the job.
  • Air out the auto and smell for lingering odors. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

An Autofresh Ozone Purifier/Generator is a MUST TO KILL MOLD IN CARS!

Autofresh Ozone Purifier/Generator help eliminate odors by attacking them at the source.


  • The Powerful Oxidizing agent.
  • Destroys odor, mold, mildew, bacteria, fungus, yeast, and disinfects and sterilize the air.
  • Removes all kind of Odor from the source like Cigarette & Cigar smoke odor, Pet and Animal odors, etc.
  • Very powerful 500mg/ hr machine, takes 5-10 mins for any size of car.
Brand Autofresh

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