Aquartz T CERA Titanium Coating For Paint & Windshield 40ml
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Aquartz T CERA Titanium Coating For Paint & Windshield 40ml


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  • T-CERAnano Particles increase the hardness of the surface and makes the surface resistant to scratches. The surface becomes hydrophillic.
  • This Nano titanium treatment is a protective film composed of liquid Quartz-Titanium and Silicon. Nano Titanium ensures that you keep the quality of your paint like new for a very long time.
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Application of T-Cera

1.Shake well, pour few drops on cotton pad or on the applicator wrapped with the suede microfiber towel.

newpicture1.png newpicture.png


2.Apply T-Cera in straight lines, criss-cross way on each car panel.


3.Let it be for 10-15 minutes and then wipe off gently with soft towel or a microfiber cloth (Not damp towel) until no marks left, finish by wiping in a circle motion well. To get the best results, you should rub the surface over and over after applying!! By the frictional heat and static electricity, the more you buff, the more the bonding, high gloss & quick drying are achieved by over- rubbing.

It makes the Nano Titanium to infiltrate into the pores of the paint.

4. Let dry it up, it takes 20min to cure at 25C.

Note:a)Donot let the product to sit on the surface, otherwise hard to remove may be via compounding
b) Do not apply directly on paint.
c) Process should not be done in direct sunlight.
About Aquartz:Aquartz Crystal Titanium Coating AQuartz Titanium 9Hardness PPF Coatings for Car Paints. The world's finest automotive inorganic Titanium Coating. AQuartz is the next generation of protective coating for automotive surfaces. It offers an extremely durable crystal coat which protects against acid rain, bird droppings, road film, tar and harmful UV rays. As AQuartz have the highest level hardness (9 to 12h) and the adhesive strength of the paint, it will minimize the appearance of light scratches. It will also protect the car paint longer. Besides protecting, it also offers a deep rich gloss, near glass like finish, with a self cleaning effect, making future washing of your vehicle faster and easier! Before AQuartz can be applied, your vehicle needs to have all painted surfaces cleaned and polished to a very high standard. There should not be any wax, which will hamper the penetration of AQuartz. Any defects will be high lighted because of the mirror effect.
Brand Aquartz

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