Aquartz Preload Pre Coating 50 ml
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Aquartz Preload Pre Coating 50 ml


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AQuartz PreLoad before AQuartz Coating!

AQuartz Pre Load coating was developed as the perfect partner to nanotechnology sealants and coatings with cleaning properties tailored to their unique needs.

Why PreLoad should be used:

To take the best results in your application, you have to thoroughly wash, dry, and decontaminate vehicle to ensure all surfaces to be coated are perfectly clean, but it is not as easy to do as it may sound.

Practically, it's almost impossible to remove all dirt, dust, grime, oil, silicone waxes, polishes, all the residue of cleaners, & other contaminants thoroughly for various factors ;

1. Residues of cleaner, not complete cleaned.

2. Residues of compound after polishing.

3. Residues of other IPA product.

4. Residues of drying cloth, no matter what the towel is new, you have to check a new cloth whether it is oily or not.

5. Airborne compound dusts after polishing, etc.

These factors are reasons lead to bad results of short lasting, reducing water beading, less slipperiness, etc.

To solve those problems, we recommend you should use AQuartz PreLoad before AQuartz Coating.

Do not use IPA product when you use AQuartz PreLoad!

How to use:

1. Shake well contents, Spray small amount(1~2 ml) of PreLoad onto surface. 40ml~50ml / a whole car.

2. Wipe & polish contents in circular motions with a clean dry microfiber cloth until surface texture is smooth.

3. Work on small section at a time, repeat steps 1~2, finish by wiping down a new microfiber towel.

4. Ensure surface is compleated dry. Leave surface to rest ~5mins.

5. After PreLoad use, avoid contact of potentially harmful foreign substances(a dirty-cloth used, a polishing pad used, oily hands. polishing oil, fingerprints, rain, indoor compound dust, new oily cloth, etc),

6. Apply AQuartz Coatings as per required.

It's not a kind of car wash shampoo, so you do not need to rinse it with water.
Oil & wax compounds must be removed before application.
To get the best AQuartz results, we recommend you should use always AQuartz PreLoad before AQuartz Coating.

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