APP Soft 5" Interface Pad
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APP Soft 5" Interface Pad

Brand: APP


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The APP- Soft Interface Pad sits between the backing plate and the sanding disc to improve abrasive cut and finish. The soft foam backup pad flexes to the shape of vehicle to deliver uniform results from each panel.

Interface pads can increase the flexibility of a sanding disc.
This comes in particularly handy for working on curved, complex, or delicate surfaces.This is because the foam cushioning can absorb high speed vibrations and side to side lateral movements that are created by the machine.


  • Improves your results during Sanding & Refinishing.
  • The foam pad improves the sanding disc's ability to follow the curves and contours of a vehicle, which ultimately creates a smoother, more uniform finish.

Note: Backing Plate, Sanding Disc, Interface Pads should be of the same size.

Key Features 1.Interface pads can increase the flexibility of a sanding disc. 2.Interface pads help to evenly distribute pressure and machine action. 3.Interface pads can increase user comfort. 4.Interface pads work well on flat surfaces, too! 5.Interface pads can yield better control of the machine. 6.Interface pads can soften a machine’s action.
Key Features 1.It features hook and loop fasteners to attach securely to sanding dics. 2.Compatible with All DA & Sander machines. 3.Best Preferred with Rupes Bigfoot 21es (6”) & 15es (5”) 4.Good for both Dry & Wet sanding.
Brand APP

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